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Soft washing is a cleaning method used on delicate surfaces such as render, cladding, roof tiles, and other delicate and sensitive surfaces. Soft washing is often used as a pre or post-treatment for patios and driveways before pressure washing.

Some exterior surfaces need a different approach than the more traditional high-powered pressure washing. Surfaces such as roof tiles, exterior render, Indian stone, and cladding require a soft wash approach that uses a cleaning solution combined with a low pressure clean or steam clean that removes any chance of causing damage.

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Soft Washing


Soft washing is ideal for delicate Surfaces

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The combination of a specially formulated cleaning solution and low-pressure wash removes the following:

Moss, Dirt, Algae (Red & Green), Lichen, Bacteria, Living Spores

and much much more. Keeping your property in great condition just with one treatment.

  • Look new again

  • Zero damage

  • Prolongs the colour 

  • Affordable pricing

  • Clears bacteria

  • PH neutral products

  • Eco-friendly options

  • 20 years expertise

  • Health & Saftey accredited

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