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Total Gleam are experts at chewing gum removal in Wirral, Liverpool and Chester. We can remove chewing gum and stains from your walls and paving.

When chewing gum is discarded in an improper way it gets trodden into the surface it’s landed on. This is most commonly pavements, cafe and restaurant entrances and outside of fast food outlets. In fact, wherever you go you can normally see signs of old chewing gum. If left untreated it quickly becomes dirty and less appealing to visitors.

Most pavements have a speckled look. This is actually chewing gum that has been trodden in and left untreated. The longer it is present the harder it becomes to remove it and the oil stain it leaves.

Why removing chewing is good for business!

Littering chewing gum in a public place is a criminal offence to drop with the offender being liable to be fined under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act.

Removing chewing gum improves the credibility of your building and it also makes it less of a target for vandalism and more chewing gum littering.

We use the latest bubble gum stain removal equipment and techniques to safely remove gum and stains.

We are also licensed to connect to mains water sources if you do not have an external water tap.

Chewing Gum Removal Wirral

Get a chewing gum removal quote you can trust. Removing chewing gum makes your business more appealing.