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Total Gleam provide render cleaning in Wirral, Liverpool and Chester regions. Professional exterior render cleaning experts that get amazing results.

Every building’s exterior deteriorates overtime due to weathering, but did you know that there is another culprit that can ruin the exterior of your property? Organic growth (moss, algae, mould and lichen), damages your rendering, walls, paint and pointing if left untreated and can lead for a hefty repair bill.

Not only can we remove all of mother nature’s gifts but we can also repair any existing damage and prevent them from happening again in the near future.

We’ll also bring the exterior of your property back to life with our hi-tech soft wash equipment that uses effective cleaning solutions that produce outstanding results.

Our render cleaning experts can handle jobs of any size and we have carried out projects in both a residential and commercial properties.

Why Choose Our Render Cleaning Services?

There are many benefits when hiring us to clean the exterior of your property:

  • Exterior & render cleaning specialists
  • Qualified technicians
  • Local business
  • Experienced in residential & commercial
  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible appointments
  • Rendered walls will look brand new

When choosing the right company to clean your exterior render it’s important to choose one that uses soft wash techniques.  We only use soft wash on render, so your property won’t be damaged in any way, shape of form.

Render Cleaning Wirral

Render before cleaning

After Render Cleaning

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