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Oil, rust & paint stain removal service in Wirral, Liverpool and Chester areas by Total Gleam.

Total Gleam are experts in removing all tyres of stains from block paving, driveways, tarmac, walls and other flat surfaces. No matter what type of stain you have, be it oil, rust, paint spills, graffiti and more, we have the right equipment and cleaning solutions that will remove it without leaving a trace.

Oil Stain Removal

Oil stains caused by engine oil spills and leaks are an extremely common sight. They most commonly appear on driveways, car parks and petrol stations and if left untreated pose a health and safety risk and can lead to permanent damage.

We use the latest oil stain removal equipment and solutions that safely removes oil from tarmac, block paving and concrete leaving the surface free of any stains. We strive to use eco friendly solutions but for stains that are more difficult to remove we’ll use the best solution for an effective result.

Rust Stain Removal

Rust is the oxidisation of metal, most commonly iron and copper. Rust stains can come from a wide varitery of sources, and can be extremely stubborn to remove the longer they are left untreated.

Our hi-tech equipment and cleaning solutions can make short work of any rust stains, returning your flat surface to a much cleaner, stain free state.

Paint Spills

Paint spills can cause a wide variety of problems from staining to making a surface slippery to walk on. Paint comes in many varieties each with different ingredients that can make some paint stains more stubborn than others.

Do you have stubborn paint stains that you can’t get rid of? We are on hand to remove any paint spills and stains from tarmac, concrete, block paving, decking, walls and any other exterior flat surface.

Graffiti Stains

Graffiti is unappealing, ugly and if not removed in a timely manner can spread like wildfire, acting as a beacon for other would be graffiti artists. We offer a first rate graffiti removal service that removes and stops the spread of graffiti in it’s tracks.

We are also licensed to connect to mains water sources if you do not have an external water tap.

Oil Stain Removal

Rust Stain Removal

Paint Spill and Stain Removal

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