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Tarmac restoration in Wirral, Liverpool and Chester regions by Total Gleam. Bring your old tarmac back to life!

When freshly laid tarmac looks fantastic, but over time it dries out, loses colour and cracks. This is not only due to exposure to sun, wind and rain but also organic growth (moss, algae, lichen) that has been left untreated. We provide a tarmac restoration service that recolours the surface and replaces any lost resin that gives it a brand new look.

What are the benefits of tarmac restoration?

Having tarmac restored has many benefits, including:

  • Removes the need for resurfacing
  • Recolours the tarmac to its original state
  • Covers all stains
  • Secures loose chippings
  • Replaces any lost resin

Tarmac Repairs

Total Gleam’s expert technicians can also repair any existing cracks and damaged areas of your tarmac driveway

We offer our tarmac restoration service to residential and commercial properties and we are also licensed to connect to mains water sources if you do not have an external water tap.

Tarmac before restoration

Tarmac after restoration

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